A Curriculum in Pediatric Global Health: a New Competency-based, Multi-Disciplinary Educational Program
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Virginie Clavel
Virginie Clavel
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• Title
A Curriculum in Pediatric Global Health: a new competency-based, multi-disciplinary educational program
• Background
Global health teaching at our institution is overseen by the Global Child Health Program (GCHP) of the Department of Pediatrics. The GCHP is lead by a multidisciplinary steering committee formed by physicians, nurses, allied health professionals, and pediatric residents. In order to fulfill adequately its teaching mandate, the Program needed a new competency-based, multi-disciplinary educational program that would reflect the complexity of Global Child Health in 2014.
• Objectives
Specific CanMEDS-based learning outcomes were created for each tier of the teaching program : 1. The General Pediatric Global Health Curriculum which consists in mandatory sessions for all pediatric residents. 2. The Advanced Curriculum in Pediatric Global Health, a two-year course with monthly teaching sessions offered for health professionals with a specific interest in this area of practice 3. The Global Health Elective offered in Partnership with the University Hospital of Kigali.
• Design/Methods
A review of the literature was done using the terms “pediatric”, “global health” and “education’’. 382 articles were identified and 24 were selected after abstract review by the principal investigator. No Canadian competency-based pediatric curricula were identified. Based on the current literature, curriculum topics were chosen and CanMEDs outcomes were created. These were reviewed by the education subcommittee of the Global Child Health Program and by a pediatrician specialized in medical education.
• Results
Three sets of outcomes were created, one for each aspect of the teaching program. They were further divided to follow the 7 categories of the CanMeds framework. See Table 1 for an example.
• Conclusion
The learning outcomes of the Global Child Health Program are, to our knowledge, the first multidisciplinary Canadian competency based outcomes to be created. It is an essential guide used in our institution to teach all pediatric residents the basics of Pediatric Global Health and to allow our multidisciplinary group of health professionals to develop advanced skills and expertise in this constantly expanding field.
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