Present And Future Of Emergency Point-of-Care Ultrasound In Pediatric Emergency Fellowship Programs In Canada
CPS ePoster Library. Hoeffe J. Jun 25, 2015; 99219; 158
Julia Hoeffe
Julia Hoeffe
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Background: For more than 20 years, emergency point of care ultrasound (ePOCUS) has been used by adult and pediatric emergency physicians. It is a fast, painless, non-invasive diagnostic tool that does not expose the patient to radiation. So far, information about its implementation in pediatric emergency fellowship (PEM) programs is lacking.
Objectives: Main goal of our study was to investigate the actual situation and future directions regarding pediatric emergency ultrasound in Canadian PEM programs.
Method: The study consisted of two self-administered electronic mail surveys specifically designed for fellows and for program directors of all ten Canadian PEM fellowship programs in 2014. The major aspects of the survey were: (a) To describe current training in ePOCUS in pediatric emergency medicine fellowship programs. (b) To compare what kind of training PEM programs offer with what fellows actually get. (c) To evaluate needs as asked for by fellows and by program directors in future training programs in ePOCUS. The surveys were sent to program directors and were passed on to their fellows.
Results: A total of 9/10 (90%) fellowship program directors as well as 42/60 (70%) fellows responded to the survey. A formal curriculum in ePOCUS is established in five of nine PEM programs included in this study (56%). 33% of fellows report a specific pediatric ePOCUS training. Main application for ePOCUS is the FAST exam (Focused Assessment with Sonograpy in Trauma).
Conclusion: This study is the first to describe details on ePOCUS implementation in Canadian pediatric emergency medicine fellowship programs. While demand is high, there is a great variability in the different PEM programs. Based on these results, a conjoint curriculum should be developed.
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