Rapid, non-invasive urine collection is feasible in infants up to 12 months old.
CPS ePoster Library. Bethune P. Jun 22, 2016; 128085; 14
Dr. Peggy Bethune
Dr. Peggy Bethune
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Background: In non-toilet trained children, collection of non-contaminated urine specimens for culture is done by urethral catheterization or suprapubic aspiration,both invasive procedures, or by clean-catch technique, which is time-consuming.A rapid, non-invasive method of urine collection from neonates has beenrecently described:a stimulated clean-catch technique, with an 87% success rate within 5 minutes (Herreros et al, Arch Dis Child 2013; 98:27-29).

Objectives: The aimof this study wasto determine:!. the success rate in obtaining urine specimens within 5 minutes from infants (birth-12 months) via this stimulated clean-catch method, and2. the time to collection of a urine specimen, via the stimulated clean-catch method.

Methods: Subjects were consecutive infants requiring a urine specimen for urinalysis and/or urine culture, identified by nursing or medical staff in either the inpatient or outpatient areas of a regional hospital. Verbal consent was obtained from the parent or guardian. 10- 60 minutes after a feeding, the infant’s genitalia were cleaned, and a stimulated clean-catch urine collection was attempted. The method consists of holding the infant under the axillae, with legs dangling, and stimulating voiding by rapidly tapping the suprapubic area for 30 seconds, then gently massaging in a circular pattern over the paralumbar area bilaterally for 30 seconds. The tapping and massage are repeated alternately until the infant voids, and the urine is collected “mid-stream”.

Result: Urine collection was attempted 51times, from 43infants, and was successful within 5 minutes in 37of 51attempts (72%). In infants 0-30 days old, the success rate was 64% (14 of 22 attempts). In infants 31-90 days old, the success rate was 93% (14 of 15 attempts). In infants 3-6 months old, the success rate was 67% (4 of 6 attempts). In infants 6-12 months old, the success rate was 63% (5 of 8attempts).The time to successful urine collection was recorded in 26cases, with both a median and a mean time of 85seconds. In 77% of the successful collections, the urine was obtained within 2 minutes.

Conclusion: The stimulated clean-catch method of urine collection is useful in infants up to 1 year of age. In most cases of successful urine collection, the infant will void within 2 minutes.
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