Use of android app vs brochure education for teaching Northern Ontario child caregivers on car seat safety
CPS ePoster Library. Tam A. 06/01/17; 176597; 36
Dr. Andrea Tam
Dr. Andrea Tam
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Background: Canadian society has been increasingly reliant on mobile devices, internet, and apps for information. Parents commonly browse for health information online, or ask about the use of specific websites or mobile apps. Is there still a role for paper brochures?

Objectives: This study had 3 main objectives. First, the study investigated whether child caregivers preferred using a mobile app or conventional paper brochure for education. Secondly, the study compared the educational impact of both these tools. The final aim was to educate Northern Ontario (Sudbury) child caregivers on car seat safety. A paper brochure and an android app matched in content, color and font style were created in car seat safety.

Methods: Caregivers of children under age 9 were randomized into 2 groups: they received either a brochure or app. Afterwards, participants rated their satisfaction on the product assigned. The teaching potential of each product was evaluated by a short quiz given before and after using the tool. Finally, both groups were given the alternative education product after completing the study, to assess preference.

Results: 45 caregivers were enrolled in this study; 44 caregivers' results were included in the analysis. The majority of caregivers in both randomized groups preferred using the app (50% or greater in both groups), or had no preference. The brochure was least popular in both groups. The satisfaction scores of both groups with their randomized education tool was equal (app satisfaction 8.7/10 vs. brochure satisfaction 7.7/10, no statistical difference). Despite the brochure being less popular, brochure randomized group did better on their post- quiz, suggesting that the brochure was more effective at teaching compared to the app (Brochure group improved by mean of 0.54 points compared to App group mean 0.11 points; p<0.05 statistically significant).

Conclusion: This project suggested that child caregivers prefer electronic tools for their easy accessibility and novelty, or have ambivalent preference to both methods of education. Despite the caregivers' preference for using the app, they appear to learn better from brochure in this study. This study suggested we should continue to offer both forms of education to parents.

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