Lean Management and Just-In-Time Ordering Reduces Palivizumab Wastage in a Provincial RSV Prophylaxis Program
CPS ePoster Library, Eleanor MacDougall, 99075
The association between meat and meat alternatives consumption and iron stores in early childhood
CPS ePoster Library, Kelly Anne Cox, 99076
Time to Positivity of Blood Cultures in Infants 0 to 90 days old: Is 36 hours enough?
CPS ePoster Library, Claire Lefebvre, 99078
Increased risk of metabolic dysregulation following 12 months of second-generation antipsychotic treatment in children: a prospective cohort study
CPS ePoster Library, Rebecca Ronsley, 99079
Perceived Utility of Respiratory Virus Testing for Febrile Infants Under Six-Weeks of Age Among Canadian Pediatric Emergency and Inpatient Physicians
CPS ePoster Library, Brett Burstein, 99081
The Motivating Teens to Sleep More Program Improves Sleep Hygiene Behaviours in High School Students
CPS ePoster Library, Jamie Cassoff, 99082
Conversion Disorders in Canadian Children & Youth: A National Survey of Prevalence Estimate and Clinical Features
CPS ePoster Library, Catherine Krasnik, 99083
Severe Alcohol Intoxication among Canadian Adolescents: data from first 18 months of surveillance
CPS ePoster Library, Mark Norris, 99084
A prospective assessment of neurodevelopment in children following a pregnancy complicated by severe preeclampsia
CPS ePoster Library, Chelsie Warshafsky, 99085
Which Measure Should I Use?: Content Analysis Using The ICF Core Sets For Children And Youth With Cerebral Palsy
CPS ePoster Library, Veronica Schiariti, 99086
Objectively measuring physical activity in early childhood using accelerometers: Are 4 days enough?
CPS ePoster Library, Kathleen Abreo, 99094
Age-Based Risk Factors for Cheerleading Injuries
CPS ePoster Library, Isabelle Hardy, 99095
Mapping the Canadian Policy Landscape of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder: A National Scan of Government Strategies
CPS ePoster Library, Marcella Jones, 99096
Priority Setting in Pediatric Preventive Care Research
CPS ePoster Library, Mikael Lavigne, 99097
Characteristics and Risk Profiles of Paediatric International Travelers Visiting Friends and Relatives
CPS ePoster Library, Amanda Ma, 99099
Bicycle-related injuries among children and young adults in the province of Quebec from 2007 to 2012
CPS ePoster Library, Nicolas Prud'homme, 99100
Caregiver attitudes and usage of sleep-promoting medication in children
CPS ePoster Library, Harshini Sriskanda, 99101
Does the activity of the remaining salivary glands change after removal of one gland or ductal ligation?
CPS ePoster Library, Farid Ibrahim, 99103
Neonatal resuscitation following caesarean section: A retrospective chart review
CPS ePoster Library, Jessalyn Weir, 99104
The impact of an interactive web-based module on residents' knowledge and self-reported proficiency with regard to ordering parenteral nutrition
CPS ePoster Library, Amber Makino, 99107
Outcome of infants with necrotising enterocolitis (NEC): The Impact of Laparotomy versus Peritoneal Drainage on Neurodevelopment
CPS ePoster Library, Mariam Ayed, 99117
Early Onset Neonatal Candidiasis in Preterm Infants: Perinatal Factors, Disease Severity and Outcome
CPS ePoster Library, Michelle Barton, 99118
Neurodevelopmental Outcome of Survivors of Neonatal Candidiasis: A Systematic Review
CPS ePoster Library, Michelle Barton, 99119
Neonatal morbidities in small for gestational age preterm neonates: Is it Really Double Trouble?
CPS ePoster Library, Soume Bhattacharya, 99120
An Evaluation of a Vancomycin Dosing Protocol in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
CPS ePoster Library, Renée Bradley, 99121
Short-term and long-term outcomes of neonatal gram-negative sepsis in Canadian NICUs
CPS ePoster Library, Michael Derynck, 99123
CPS ePoster Library, Stefani Doucette, 99124
Bacterial Colonization of Human Donor Milk: Implications of NICU Admission
CPS ePoster Library, Sharon Unger, 99125
Antibiotic Exposure and Development of Necrotizing Enterocolitis in Very Preterm Neonates in Canada
CPS ePoster Library, Rana Esmaeilizand, 99127
Utilization of Central Lines in Canadian Neonatal Intensive Care Units
CPS ePoster Library, Rana Esmaeilizand, 99128
Comparison of a sepsis-risk calculator to clinical algorithm used to screen for early-onset sepsis
CPS ePoster Library, Jessica Monteiro, 99136
CPS ePoster Library, Brigitte Lemyre, 99138
Glycerin Enemas and Suppositories in Premature Infants: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
CPS ePoster Library, Michael Livingston, 99139
Indomethacin Dose-Interruption & Maternal Chorioamnionitis As Risk Factors for Indomethacin Treatment Failure in Preterm Infants with PDA
CPS ePoster Library, Souvik Mitra, 99141
CPS ePoster Library, Thierry Daborval, 99143
Neurodevelopmental outcomes of extremely preterm infants treated with bevacizumab for severe retinopathy of prematurity
CPS ePoster Library, Thuy Mai Luu, 99144
Extended Interval Gentamicin Dosing in Preterm Neonates Less than 35 Weeks Corrected Gestational Age
CPS ePoster Library, Michael Narvey, 99147
Cardiovascular effects of epinephrine during neonatal cardiopulmonary resuscitation in a piglet model
CPS ePoster Library, Merlin Pinto, 99148
Success Rate and Associated Clinical Factors of Early Extubation in the Preterm Neonate Below 29 weeks of Gestation
CPS ePoster Library, Anna-Maria Preziosi, 99149
Resting Energy Expenditure Measured by Indirect Calorimetry for Optimizing Nutrient Balance in Postsurgical Infants
CPS ePoster Library, Susan Albersheim, 99150
Mortality, morbidity and resource use among infants with Trisomy 21(TR21) admitted to Level III (L3) NICUs.
CPS ePoster Library, Mary Woodward, 99166
Extended interval dosing of gentamicin in neonates less than 32 weeks gestation and greater than 7 days of age
CPS ePoster Library, Kamran Yusuf, 99167
Umbilical cord blood cortisol levels and hemodynamic status on the first day of life in preterm infants less than 32 weeks gestation
CPS ePoster Library, Kamran Yusuf, 99168
iLEARN-Peds: Using case-based eLearning to optimize pediatric resident education and support program expansion
CPS ePoster Library, Sarah Lawrence, 99170
Advancing child health research through evidence-based guidance for pediatric clinical trial protocols
CPS ePoster Library, April Clyburne-Sherin, 99171
Ethics Learning Needs of Paediatric Residents: A View From All Sides
CPS ePoster Library, Peter MacPherson, 99172
Impact of Pediatric Pharmacists Intervention in Prescription Errors Prevention among First-Year Pediatric Residents
CPS ePoster Library, Stephanie Vairy, 99173
Multi-source Feedback: Everyone Has A Say, But Who is Listening?
CPS ePoster Library, Brie Yama, 99174
Global trends in the rate of cleft lip and palate: bridging the gap
CPS ePoster Library, Valerie Bloomfield, 99175
A Curriculum in Pediatric Global Health: a New Competency-based, Multi-Disciplinary Educational Program
CPS ePoster Library, Virginie Clavel, 99176
Examining Agreement between Treatment Recommendations from Different National Clinical Practice Guidelines for Bronchiolitis
CPS ePoster Library, Leigh Anne Bakel, 99190
Gastric Flora in Gastrostomy Fed Children with Neurological Impairment on Acid Suppression Medication
CPS ePoster Library, Bradley De Souza, 99191
A Review of General Paediatric Inpatient Deaths Over Time
CPS ePoster Library, Amanda Roth, 99193
Pediatric intravenous line longevity
CPS ePoster Library, Juliet Soper, 99194
Iron status of young children of immigrant families in Toronto.
CPS ePoster Library, Natasha Saunders, 99204
The association between total duration of breastfeeding and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D
CPS ePoster Library, Denise Darmawikarta, 99205
Design, methodology and results of an Internal Pilot Study for a RCT aimed at optimizing early child development in the primary-care setting (OptEC).
CPS ePoster Library, Kawsari Abdullah, 99207
Early Results of National Surveillance of Childhood Tuberculosis in Canada
CPS ePoster Library, Ryan Giroux, 99209
Is paediatric resident knowledge and comfort with pubertal exams adequate? Performance of a needs assessment and development of a learning module
CPS ePoster Library, Andrea Ens, 99210
Type and Frequency of Reported Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Pediatric & Adult Type 1 Diabetes Patients Evaluated as Part of the CD-DIET Study
CPS ePoster Library, Emilia Demelo, 99211
Evaluation of the safety of an Oral treatment for febrile Urinary Tract Infection in children aged 6 months to 5 years
CPS ePoster Library, Geneviève Taylor, 99212
The Predictive Value of Clinical Scaphoid Tenderness for Fractures in Children
CPS ePoster Library, Jonathan Porter, 99222
The relationship between immigrant status and pediatric emergency department return visits.
CPS ePoster Library, Natasha Saunders, 99224
Prevalence of Overweight and Obese Children and Adolescents with Autism Spectrum Disorder from Alberta, Canada
CPS ePoster Library, Tamara Germani, 99227
Supports and Resources Used by Adults Regarding Child Development: Results from a Provincial Survey
CPS ePoster Library, Ben Gibbard, 99228
Screening Practices and Factors Influencing Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) Screening by Community Paediatricians
CPS ePoster Library, Angie Ip, 99229
Knowledge of Childhood Development and Parenting Confidence of Mothers with Young Children who have Special Health Care Needs.
CPS ePoster Library, Kathryn (Kate) MacLellan, 99230
Community General Paediatricians' Barriers to Providing Autism Spectrum Disorder Diagnoses
CPS ePoster Library, Melanie Penner, 99231
Developmental Milestones of Assistive Technology: From Wood Walking Sticks to Virtual Reality
CPS ePoster Library, Veronica Schiariti, 99232
Evening Preferences In Children Is Associated with Increased Behavioural and Emotional Problems.
CPS ePoster Library, Rackeb Tesfaye, 99233
Frequency and potentially modifiable predictors of Major Neuromotor Disability following complex cardiac surgery in early infancy
CPS ePoster Library, M. Florencia Ricci, 99247
Gastrostomy tube feeding after neonatal complex cardiac surgery identifies the need for Early Developmental Intervention
CPS ePoster Library, M. Florencia Ricci, 99248
Expensive Therapies: Legal and Ethical Analyses
CPS ePoster Library, Sheila Acharya Van Horne, 99249
Survey of Infection Control Precautions for Patients with Severe Combined Immune Deficiency
CPS ePoster Library, Brieanne Rogers, 99250
Banning tanning.
CPS ePoster Library, Valerie Brulé, 99251
Pediatric Resident Driven Health Advocacy Projects: Five Years of Success
CPS ePoster Library, Eleanor MacDougall, 99252
Maternal Virtual Infant Nutrition Support (MAVINS) clinic
CPS ePoster Library, Orlando da Silva, 99253
Turning from Child to Teen: Early Initiation and Emergence of Active Use of Tobacco and Alcohol
CPS ePoster Library, Natalia Poliakova, 99255
Caffeinated products as ergogenic aids among sport-practicing adolescents: top of the chart
CPS ePoster Library, Elisabeth Bernard, 99256
Validity of Self-Reported Penicillin Allergies in a Community Paediatric Population
CPS ePoster Library, Erica Hoe, 99257
Neurodevelopmental Status in Children with Extraventricular Obstructive Hydrocephalus
CPS ePoster Library, Ghassan Abu Kuwaik, 99258

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